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A Revolutionary Blockchain Payments App Designed By Columbia University Ph.D. Scientists

CafeCoin makes the savings and big-data benefits of blockchain technology and delivers them to retailers and consumers with a focused and intuitive mobile payments app that anyone can use. CafeCoin makes the Technology and savings previously only available to the largest businesses, accessible to everyone! Visit for best opinions about etoro platform which is an all-inclusive trading platform for crypto investors as well as financial market investors.

Help us Build the blockchain and App So You Can Save On Retail Purchases with CafeCoin!

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White Paper

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Watch how CafeCoin Can Revolutionize Global Retail Payments!

Why is CafeCoin in Demand?

  • Credit card companies drive up costs, charging expensive fees to merchants for each transaction.
  • A busy retail store can throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in those same transactions
  • Meanwhile, merchants struggle to attract customers with ever more particular retail preferences
  • The public trust in social media digital advertising is falling as the result of substantial real and perceived privacy abuses

The CafeCoin Solution

CafeCoin gives Consumers the Power to Drive savings through discounts and all retailers the power to both save and market their products with unparalleled precision

Think of the saying “If only I had a nickel for every payment I made” … Now you do!

Low cost

CafeCoin virtually eliminates transaction costs to merchants and consumers

Real Savings

Individually tailored discounts and loyalty rewards for consumers become a reality


Gives consumers control over their privacy


Intuitive App requires no setup or contracts. Pay and receive payments anywhere at anytime.

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What is CafeCoin?

An app that makes your daily purchases work for you!

CafeCoin’s blockchain and mobile App can be used to buy or sell goods anywhere, at anytime, and without the added cost and data exposure that comes with traditional payment processors. Now, the credit card fees typically charged can be saved, and that money passed on to you as tailored discounts and loyalty rewards. Visit for more details.

How does it work?

Daily discounts and savings on all your favorite transactions in just 3 easy steps

Download app
Scan barcode
Pay & Get Discounts

Forget your debit card and Explore CafeCoin, the Smart Universal Payment Token that negotiates discounts for you!

  • Its time for retailers and customers to be liberated from big credit card, debit card and big data companies sharing private transactional data and charging exorbitant fees.
  • Every time your favorite stores accept your credit/debit card as payment they are charged a fee that is most often passed on to you through higher prices, and private information, including your home address and payment card security details are shared.
  • CafeCoin’s new retail blockchain and mobile payments application replaces those fees with incentives for all CafeCoin users to use the minimal computing power in an everyday smartphone to confirm transactions on the blockchain.
  • Because your favorite retailers have no fees to pass on from credit and debit card companies, they can be incentivized to use those savings to give you discounts on any good or service!
  • Moreover, CafeCoin allows users and retailers to control the historical data they share with each other, and the ability to share that data in return for tailored discounts and promotions. Taking tailored marketing away from giant tech companies and giving it to the everyday person and small business across the globe.

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Under the hoodThe first blockchain specifically built for retailers and customers

  • Revolutionary blockchain design tailored specifically to retail transactions and the needs of consumers and merchants alike
  • CafeCoin establishes a powerful innovative example of purpose driven global blockchain and distributed computer implementation
  • By providing specific retail oriented framework for the CafeCoin blockchain, CafeCoin is designed to be faster and more effective far more useful for ordinary transactions than past blockchain technology.
  • CafeCoin’s preset transactional structure virtually eliminates transaction costs traditionally paid by merchants and consumers.
  • Intuitive user interface and simple mobile application will allow anyone to pay with and save using CafeCoin.


Can be bought directly through the App


Instant transactions upon downloading the app


Easily convertible to fiat money Through Partnerships with Coin Exchanges.


Secure transactions, without sharing credit card info


Gets you loyalty rewards that save you money!

Still wondering how CafeCoin can change your life? Take a minute to watch these quick video examples

Our Product

Why do Payments Need an Upgrade?

Privacy is a fleeting concept in today’s world, consumer data is harvested without consent and used through intrusive marketing schemes. High fees on transactions also stack up and increase overall costs of daily payments at a time when there are alternative options. Today, people around the globe rightfully demand greater privacy at lower cost when buying goods.

How Will CafeCoin Change Things?

CafeCoin will give you control over your privacy and virtually eliminates credit card and mobile payment transaction fees in a process which benefits both you and shop owners.



01.Eliminate credit card transaction fees

02.Market to particular individuals based on unique preferences, instead of general ads

03.Receive instant payment confirms

04.No chargebacks

05.No quarterly or annual transaction fee reviews

06.Drive Revenue by providing pricing and product incentives to customers


01.Enjoy savings passed on by merchants

02.Save by leveraging your own data at the point of sale

03.Choose when to share your purchase history, and with whom to share it

04.Keep your credit/debit Card details private

05.Enjoy automated loyalty benefits at your favourite shops without having to share private information

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Our Partners

Zhong Lun Law Firm


Xu Jizhe

Co-Founder of ELASTOS (ELA) & Newton Project


The Roadmap

Q3, 2018Announce Beginning of CafeCoin Bounty Program and Initiate Build of the CafeCoin Blockchain.
Q4, 2018Launch CafeCoin ICO.
Q1, 2019Finalize Partnerships with Key Retailers.
Q3, 2019CafeCoin to Trade on Two Major Crypto-Exchanges; Development of CafeCoin Mobile App Begins.
Q4, 2019Launch CafeCoin in Partner Retail Locations around the globe, providing Savings and discounts to users!


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Your day starts with a coffee.

So does the CafeCoin movement!

Through traditional, digital and viral marketing campaigns we will inject CafeCoin into all retail sectors spreading its use across more merchants and countries. CafeCoin anticipates that the Café sector will be one of the most successful ones and the first mover thanks to its high margin and repeat consumer traffic

Token Details

AMOUNT CREATED100,000,000 tokens


25%Strategic Acquisitions & Market Penetration
20%Reserve Stability Fund
30%Product Development

Token Details

PRIVATE CASH SALE2,500,000 (2.5%)

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Our Team

Meet the people behind CafeCoin

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Gabriel Young

PH.D., Co-Founder

Adviser, Statistics,
Quantitative Modeling


Dr. Young is a Lecturer in Discipline of Statistics in the Department of Statistics at Columbia University. He is an expert in data science, probability theory, quantitative methods and mathematical applications in the tech industry. Dr. Young collaborated with Columbia University faculty members to create new cutting-edge data science and statistical computing courses. His research specializes in applications with high frequency financial and econometric data, including the theoretical development of functional factor models applied to yield curves. Dr. Young holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from Colorado State University.

John Stanton

PH.D., Co-Founder

Adviser, Blockchain, Technology, System Integrity


Mr. Stanton is a former Senior Design Engineer at AMD and IBM, specialized in designing innovative high bandwidth, highly scaled systems. Mr. Stanton started his career as a research intern at the NASA Glenn Research Center and assisted in NASA’s space communication programs. His main research interest currently is in innovative applications and implementations of blockchain, with a focus on speed and scalability. He holds one US patent and has several patent applications pending based on his recent work. Mr. Stanton is a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University.

Rt Hon
Sir Tony Baldry

Adviser, Regulatory
Compliace Assessment


Sir Tony Baldry chairs a number of public and private companies in the UK. Sir Tony was a member of the UK House of Commons for some 32 years, and was a Minister for eight years under the premierships of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. He held a number of Ministerial posts, including helping privatise the UK electricity industry, and time as a Minister in the UK Foreign Office. During his Ministerial career he led a number of UK Trade Missions across the world. Sir Tony is head of a commercial set of Barristers’ Chambers in London. He was made an Honorary member of the 48 Group for his work with China.
He was awarded the Robert Schumann Silver Medal for contributions to European Politics. Following his retirement from the Parliament in 2015, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that Sir Tony was “the finest example of an MP” and that his “wise counsel” would be missed.

Vinay Ganga,


Chief Legal Adviser, Regulatory Compliance Assessment


Mr. Ganga is a corporate and finance lawyer with dual qualifications as a Barrister and a Solicitor based in the U.K. He is currently the partner heading global business and finance at the London office of Zhong Lun Law Firm, one of the largest law firms in China. Mr. Ganga has more than 25 years of experience in active law practice, investment banking and private equity. He started his legal career at major law firms of Mayer Brown and Jones Day. Mr. Ganga later went on to serve as a partner at premier international firms like Cadwalader, ReedSmith and Stephenson Harwood. Mr. Ganga has represented major multi-national corporations, financial institutions and investment funds on a wide array of transactions across the world. He has extensive institutional and investor relationships spanning five continents. Mr. Ganga was a Felix Scholar of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust at the University of Oxford, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law.


ICO Marketing and Crypto Capital Advisor


Mr. Rahimov is co-founder and CEO of 7marketz Inc., a leading global fintech media group that owns 17 brands worldwide, including Nanotechnologies innovator in China, a media agency in Lithuania, Blockchain AI start-up in the Netherlands and other leading financial media platforms. Mr. Rahimov is one of the few early Bitcoin adopters and experts in cryptocurrency. He has advised and led marketing efforts resulting in more than 20 successful ICOs. Mr. Rahimov is also an award-winning trader with patent-pending trading strategies.

Tolga Bilgicer


Adviser, Project Risk Assessment


Dr. Bilgicer specializes in applying econometric methods, financial and statistical theory to solve complex mathematical models. He has conducted large-scale analyses in a variety of securities and finance, antitrust, intellectual property, valuation, risk, and performance of complex financial instruments such as mortgage-backed securities, col- lateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps. Dr. Bilgicer holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Marketing from Columbia Business School of Columbia University.

William Uchimoto

Adviser, U.S. Securities Regulation, Legal Compliance


Mr. Uchimoto is a leading Japanese-American legal authority on U.S. securities regulation and compliance. Mr. Uchimoto specializes in cross-border capital markets and market structure. He is the former General Counsel of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (America’s oldest stock exchange) and a former attorney at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Trading & Markets (SEC). Mr. Uchimoto holds a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Patrick Tsang


Adviser, Strtegic Marketing, Cryptocurrency Trading & Listing


Mr. Tsang is a solicitor in England, Wales and Hong Kong and a law partner of Hui & Lam, solicitors in Hong Kong. He is the Chairman of Tsang’s Group, who also serves as the Trade Commissioner for the country of Grenada in Macao promoting development opportunities. Mr. Tsang manages a private equity investment firm in Hong Kong and London investing in special situations globally. He has worked on international IPOs and M&A transactions and has made numerous investments in technology, cryptocurrency, clean tech, biotech, media, telecom, e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, energy, property, restaurants. Mr. Tsang is based in Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

Kevin Guo

PH.D. Candidate

Adviser, Financial Technologies


Mr. Guo is a Ph.D. in Financial Engineering at Columbia University. He specializes in optimal trading strategies in commodities and market volatility. Mr. Guo has an extensive research back- ground in quantitative finance, optimal stochastic control, and financial asset management. He has designed advanced trading strategies in commodities and volatility for leading global financial firms such as AQR, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and DFA. Born in Philadelphia, he also holds a BA in mathematics from Columbia University.

Benjamin Cao

PH.D. Candidate

Adviser, Accounting Integrity, Financial Technologies


Mr. Cao is a Ph.D. candidate in Accounting at Columbia Business School of Columbia University. His main research interest is in valuation of equity and the role of accounting information in security analysis. Prior to Columbia Business School, Mr. Cao worked in private equity investments at Fosun International, where he conducted several cross-border acquisitions in the consumer goods and medical devices industries. Mr. Cao has worked on due diligence assignments at AIG and JP Morgan.

Charles Highsmith

Adviser, Computer Network Integrity and Cyber Security Assurance


Mr. Highsmith has over 20 years of data and network security experience. He is a top expert in Information Warfare, Cyber Security, and Advanced Attack methodologies. Mr. Highsmith attended UCLA majoring in Computer Science. He has held titles such as Security Research Specialist and Senior Security Research/Product Architect at AT&T, High Tower Software, Foundstone/McAfee, Charter Communications, and OneSecure. He has also served as a board member of the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and a member of the Network Security Research Institute (NSRI). Mr. Highsmith has published several security related white papers and has done research and development in advanced attack patterns and detection. Mr. Highsmith has a pending patent jointly launched in collaboration with AT&T Labs. Presently he is the CEO of Edward Anderson Corporation, and A Martin Inc. He is also staffed as a Red Team Principal for a Fortune 500 company.


CompanyToken Sale

CafeCoin Tokens

What is CafeCoin?

CafeCoin is the first digital token that can not only be exchanged for goods and services, but incentivizes discounts and tailored promotions and attempts to establish a stable currency like utility. It can be used anywhere both parties have the companion mobile application and internet access.

How does it work?

CafeCoin works by securely and privately storing information about transactions on a distributed ledger and then allowing users to access and share that data with specific counterparties of their choice. Because all transactions are completed via CafeCoin’s distributed network, it avoids the high fees charged by the big credit card and payment processing companies.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain makes CafeCoin possible by allowing it to be completed and related information stored and transferred without any single point of failure. Additionally, because CafeCoin will be a decentralized token the bandwidth necessary to track hold and confirm transactions can be shared amongst thousands of users instead of requiring the costs to be born by any one particular source.

How do you use Blockchain in your product?

Each transaction completed with CafeCoin, as well as any related information, is announced to the chain and confirmed. The blockchain acts as a secure store of that information which is private and only accessible and sharable by the users who created it, or to those with whom users have chosen to share their information.

What actual problems does CafeCoin solve?

CafeCoin solves two significant problems for retailers and customers: First, it virtually eliminates the huge cost of payment processing fees charged by big corporations every year which are passed on to customers in the form of higher prices. This allows merchants the flexibility to either pass all or part of those savings on to drive additional revenue, or hold onto them, increasing profit on every sale. Second, retailers are often keen to provide discounts and promotions in order to drive sales, but the effectiveness of those promotions and discounts is limited by a lack of particularized information about individual customers, each of whom have different historical propensities toward the purchase of goods and services. CafeCoin uses blockchain technology to securely store the information surrounding each transaction, and allows users to share that information with merchants, which when combined with CafeCoin machine learning applications allow retailers to offer tailored promotions that are relevant to individual customers, instead of merely marketing to demographics. These tailored discounts create substantial savings for users and drive revenue for merchants, so everybody wins! This also encourages merchants to pass on the savings they realize from avoiding the traditional payment processing fees.

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